MEAN WELL Power Supply Troubleshooting

Maybe you’re dealing with your power supply overheating, or an incessant power supply buzzing noise coming from your MEAN WELL unit. Or, maybe you’re just wondering why your power supply efficiency has dropped off so much seemingly out of nowhere. 

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place. Our MEAN WELL power supply troubleshooting guide will help you pinpoint the problem and restore functionality to your unit. Worst case scenario, we’ll help you navigate power supply replacement so that you can prevent downtime and keep your operation running smoothly.

As the most trusted MEAN WELL power supply distributor, our technical team is equipped with the expertise to help you troubleshoot your unit over the phone, too - so if you want rapid support, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! 

Otherwise, we’ll get into the basics of trouble shooting power supplies below.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues With MEAN WELL Power Supplies

It can be frustrating when you invest in a MEAN WELL PSU only to find it falling short of expectations or failing altogether. After all, this is one of the most well-respected power supply manufacturers in the industry known for producing reliable, efficient, and long-lasting equipment.  

Still, all good things come to an end - and as your unit nears its end of life it's not uncommon to deal with issues like overheating, buzzing or rattling noises, or other performance-related problems.

It might not even be the unit itself to blame, either - it could be improper wiring and setup or environmental challenges that are holding your power supply back. Let’s start with addressing no power output. 

No Power Output

When a MEAN WELL power supply fails to deliver power, first ensure that the AC input supply is connected and switched on. Check for a secure and correct connection at both the power source and the supply's input terminals. 

If this doesn’t turn up any answers, you’ll need to use a multimeter to verify the presence of AC voltage at the input. If the AC input is fine, inspect the power supply for any signs of damage or smell of burnt components, which could indicate an internal failure. 

A quick check of the fuse (if accessible) can also be informative. A blown fuse could be a symptom of an overloaded power supply or a short circuit. 

Resettable protection circuits may also have been triggered to cause a lack of power output for your device. If this is the case, removing the overload condition and power cycling the unit could resolve the issue.


This is one of the most common types of power supply problems: excess heat radiating from your unit. While a warm power supply is perfectly normal, too much heat can 1) indicate an underlying problem and 2) spiral into more complex problems down the road if not addressed.

The two most common causes of overheating MEAN WELL power supplies are operating the unit above its rated capacity or if there is insufficient ventilation around the unit. 

So, start by ensuring the load does not exceed the specified maximum. If all looks good there, determine whether the power supply is installed in an environment with adequate air circulation. Check for and clear any obstructions that may be blocking the vent holes or fans. 

If the power supply continues to overheat, it might be a sign of internal component wear or failure, and the unit may require professional power source repair or replacement.

Voltage Instability

MEAN WELL PSU voltage fluctuations can signal an unstable or unsuitable load. Verify that the load matches the power supply's specifications, and check for loose connections at the output terminals. 

It's also worth examining the consistency of the input power source, as fluctuations here can transfer to the output. If the input power source is stable and the connections are secure, the issue could be within the power supply itself. 

Components like capacitors can degrade over time, affecting the unit’s ability to regulate voltage. If you suspect this is the case we recommend getting a technical assessment to identify and replace failing components. 

Our blog has more resources on what is voltage drop, what happens if the voltage is too high, and other related topics.

Noise or Coil Whine

If you’re looking for guidance with MEAN WELL power supply troubleshooting for noise-related concerns, you’re likely hearing a “coil whine”. This is the emission of a high-pitched noise that is impossible to ignore.

It typically stems from vibrations in the electronic components, often inductors or transformers, caused by the electromagnetic forces present during operation. While some level of noise is normal, excessive coil whine is a sign of an underlying problem. 

To troubleshoot this issue start by verifying the load is within the power supply's rated capacity and that operating temperatures are within specified limits. You should also confirm that the power supply is mounted securely, as loose fittings can amplify the sound. 

If the noise persists at a standard load and temperature, consider isolating the supply physically from the application to reduce noise transfer or consult with a specialist for potential component damping solutions.

Compatibility Issues

Maybe your MEAN WELL power supply just arrived and you’re having trouble getting it to work with your specific device. 

Unfortunately, there is no getting around discrepancies between the power supply specifications and the requirements of the connected device. This is why choosing the right power supply from the start is so important.

Still, let’s figure out if this is actually a matter of incompatibility or if something else is going on. Take a moment to confirm the voltage, current, and power specifications of the MEAN WELL power supply align with the needs of the load.

Devices with strict input requirements may not function correctly if the supply does not match these precisely. For instance, LED drivers must match a specific current rating or dimming capability - misalignment here can lead to flickering or reduced functionality.

It's also important to review the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation, as these can affect both the power supply's performance and its suitability for the application.

If the issue is not resolved by confirming the technical specifications and environmental compatibility, it may be necessary to consult with Bravo Electro’s technical support for assistance in identifying a MEAN WELL power supply that is fully compatible with your application. 

As frustrating as this may be, we’ll get you set up with a suitable device that you can count on - whether you need a standard DC to DC converter, a modular power supply, or even a fully custom power supply!

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Part of your MEAN WELL power supply troubleshooting efforts may require you to implement advanced techniques that test the load or voltage regulation. So, here are some tips on executing these more sophisticated approaches with confidence. 

Load Testing

Load testing ensures a power supply is operating correctly under its full load condition. You’ll need a load that matches the maximum output capacity of the power supply and equipment to monitor the output voltage and current. 

Begin by connecting the load to the power supply. Gradually increase the load while observing the output with a multimeter or electronic load analyzer. The power supply should maintain a stable output voltage within the specifications across the entire load range. 

If the voltage drops significantly as the load approaches its rated capacity, it could indicate issues with the power supply's ability to sustain output under full load. This suggests servicing or replacement is necessary.

Voltage Regulation Testing  

Voltage regulation testing determines how well a power supply maintains a stable output voltage despite variations in input voltage and output load. 

A variable AC power supply can simulate input voltage changes, while an electronic load can alter the output load. Observe the MEAN WELL power supply’s response to these changes. A functional unit should regulate the output voltage within a narrow range, as specified in its datasheet. 

But if the output voltage fluctuates outside of the acceptable range, there may be problems with the power supply's regulation circuitry. Components responsible for voltage regulation may need examination or replacement - such as feedback systems and reference voltage sources.

Now What?

After successfully troubleshooting your MEAN WELL power supply you’re at a crossroads - do you keep using the malfunctioning unit until it fails altogether, do you attempt to repair the unit, or you replace it right away? We’re here to help you navigate your next steps.

The choice is straightforward if your MEAN WELL power supply is still under warranty. Reach out to Bravo Electro, and we’ll guide you through the warranty process, which typically covers repair or replacement at no additional cost.

If not, you’ll need to assess the age and usage of your unit along with the extent of the damage. It’s no secret that power supplies have a lifespan. Components start to fall victim to years of wear and tear as the clock ticks. So, if you suspect your unit may be nearing its end of life, it’s typically more economical to replace it altogether. 

That being said, if your advanced MEAN WELL troubleshooting efforts indicate a quick fix is possible, it’s up to you to determine if you want to kick the can down the road further or bite the bullet today and put this problem in the past for good.

Your best bet is to weigh the costs. If repair costs approach the price of a new unit, investing in a new power supply may offer better value, especially considering the benefits of newer technology and a fresh warranty. 

That being said, whether you’re still looking for guidance on MEAN WELL power supply troubleshooting or you’re ready to replace the unit today, head over to Bravo Electro for personalized help!

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Wrapping Up Our MEAN WELL Power Supply Troubleshooting Guide

Whether you came here hoping to learn how to tell if PSU is failing or how to tell if LED driver is bad, we hope you have a clear understanding of your next steps at this point. 

MEAN WELL power supply troubleshooting requires a systematic approach, from identifying issues like overheating or buzzing to employing advanced techniques like load and voltage regulation testing to figure out what’s causing no power output.

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Remember, though, your best bet is to simply get in touch with Bravo Electro for one-on-one guidance in figuring out the root cause of your troubles. We’re just a few clicks away ready to help you address the issue and get your device working as intended. 

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