Bravo Electro Component's Sales Terms and Condition:

Any sale of products by Bravo Electro Components are subject to the following terms and conditions regardless of other or additional terms, that includes any document issued by a buyer that contradicts or is inconsistent with Bravo Electro Components terms and conditions expressed here will not become part of any order or take precedent. 


  • All orders are subject to acceptance by Bravo Electro Components.  Stock levels are constantly changing and as such stock quoted can change from date quoted to at time of purchase. Any formal price quote given by Bravo Electro Components applies for 30 days unless stated otherwise.  Bravo Electro Components reserves the right to change pricing if costs increase or other circumstances beyond our control.  Any quoted price is for products only and does not take into account taxes, fees, shipping charges or duties imposed by the government, which are responsible by the purchasing party unless otherwise stated.
  • Orders placed through Bravo Electro Components webstore shows an estimate of what the shipping charges will be.  The final invoice Bravo Electro Components sends out once the order has shipped will include the final shipping charges and, if applicable, any tariff fees.
  • Customer is responsible of all shipping charges and applicable fees. Unless otherwise stated our standard shipment method is UPS Ground (uninsured).
  • All orders will be written or verbally acknowledged by Bravo Electro Components to confirm part, price and delivery.  Bravo Electro Components will always strive to deliver orders on time.  Any delivery date given is strictly an estimate, Bravo Electro Components is not liable for any delivery delays nor does it constitute the right to cancel an order (this also includes delivery delays from the manufacturer of the product(s) on order).  Once the order is in the carriers possession the order is consider delivered, at this time Bravo Electro Components is no longer responsible for the products, all risk of loss or damage to the products is the responsibility of the buyer (customer).
  • Forms of payment accepted by Bravo Electro Components are credit card (2.5% processing fee are applied to all orders paid by credit card), ACH or by check.  NET30 terms are subject to Bravo Electro Component's approval (if interested please request a credit application form)


  • Bravo Electro Components is a distributor of several manufacturers and reflects the warranty given to us by the manufacturer for each specific product.  The individual manufacturer determines what qualifies for warranty and how any warranty will be handled.  If a product is found to be defective and is still in warranty, Bravo Electro Components requires an RMA number issued by Bravo Electro Components before being shipped back.  Any product shipped back without an RMA number will not be accepted.  An RMA number can be obtained by contacting Bravo Electro Components and requesting an RMA form.
  • Bravo Electro Components can give suggestions to a buyer based on their application, but it is up to the buyer to fully vet and qualify any product to insure it will work in their application.  Bravo Electro Components claims no responsibility for any suggestions given that do not work, causes damage or loss of life.
  • Bravo Electro Components must be immediately notified (within 3 days of recieving order) of any product defects or miss shipments, failure to do so will result in buyer accepting product as is.
  • The manufacturer's warranty will override any warranty stated by Bravo Electro Component's website, employee, or document.
  • Any cancellation is at the sole discretion of Bravo Electro Components and requires written approval.


  • Payment Terms: Credit Card with 2.5% processing fee, PayPal or Net 30 upon approval
  • F.O.B.: Origin unless noted otherwise
  • Lead Time: Bravo Electro Components stocks a variety of popular products and part numbers. Others are stocked or ordered depending on needs of our customers and history of a parts sale. For lead time concerning a specific part number, please contact our Account Managers.
  • Bill Backs: Pricing quoted is highly dependent on quantity ordered. Should a customer place a high quantity of a product on order, but later cancel a portion of quantity ordered, or extend duration of time to take delivery of products ordered via push outs, Bravo shall adjust the price of product shipped from inception of the contract to the higher quoted price at the respective quantity. The bill back invoice shall be due and payable immediately upon presentation.
  • Push Outs: Non-Reschedulable unless authorized in writing
  • Cancellations: Non-Cancelable unless authorized in writing
  • Returns: At Bravo Electro we reflect the return policy from the manufacturers we're franchised with.  All of which do not accept returns.  If there is a warranty concern, please contact your salesperson.
  • The U.S. Government has enacted a 25% tariff on products imported from China on Annex List 3 effective May 10, 2019. Be advised, these tariffs remain fluid and are subject to change based on US policy. Any exception to the payment of tariffs on a order must be authorized in writing. The buyer acknowledges the tariff will be billed as a separate line item to be paid for by the buyer.