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In today's fast-paced technological landscape, the demand for customized power solutions has skyrocketed. As industries continue to evolve, businesses are seeking tailored power supplies that cater to their unique requirements. 

To address this growing need, Bravo Electro, in collaboration with MEAN WELL and MEAN WELL Power Solutions, offers an exceptional range of custom power supply options that empower businesses to optimize their applications and designs. 

There are 4 key categories of custom power supplies we offer: Standard Modified, Modular Power Assembly, Power Solutions, and Rack Mount Power Systems highlighting their flexibility, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Below, we’ll break down each of these to help you determine which solution makes the most sense for your operation.

Standard Modified - Empowering Uniqueness

The Standard Modified section offered by MEAN WELL and Bravo Electro embodies the essence of flexibility and individuality. Here, customers can take a standard off-the-shelf power supply and fine-tune it to match their specific application requirements. 

The possibilities are extensive, ranging from simple adjustments like output voltage or current tuning to more intricate customizations such as conformal coating, adding cabling assemblies to the output or input, or even modifying the external adapter's output connectors. 

Standard modified services can be supported by MEAN WELL power supplies factories for high quantities or by MEAN WELL Power Solutions’ value-added center locally in the US for lower quantity demands.

Tailored Voltage and Current Adjustments

If you need a custom voltage power supply, you’re in luck. The Standard Modified section takes customization to a whole new level by offering power supplies that are precisely preset with custom voltage and/or current outputs right from the factory floor. 

This means that businesses no longer need to spend time manually tuning each power supply to meet their specific requirements. Instead, they receive power supplies that are already tailored to their unique needs, ready to be seamlessly integrated into their production lines. 

Enhanced Protection and Reliability

Conformal coating is a critical modification that helps protect the power supply from harsh environmental conditions, such as dust, moisture, and chemicals. 

This coating serves as a safeguard against potential damages and extends the power supply lifespan, making it ideal for industrial and outdoor applications.

Seamless Connectivity

By adding cabling assemblies to the output or input, customers can enjoy a plug-and-play experience, simplifying installation and integration processes. This tailored approach ensures seamless connectivity and mitigates compatibility concerns.

Custom External Adapters

MEAN WELL and Bravo Electro provide the option to change the output connectors of external adapters, be it wall-mount or desktop style. This level of customization ensures that the power supply seamlessly fits into the customer's unique design, without compromising on performance or reliability.

Modular Power Assembly - The Powerhouse of Versatility

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial and medical designs, flexibility and adaptability are paramount. The Modular Power Assembly section caters to this need, offering MEAN WELL's NMP series modular power supplies with the capability to customize up to 12 outputs for a customer's application. 

Moreover, MEAN WELL Power Solutions maintain a staggering half a million USD worth of parts in stock and assemble the modular power supplies locally in the US, with a weekly capacity of 500 units. 

In-stock parts with quick turnarounds result in custom power supplies on your dock quickly.

Tailoring Output Configurations

MEAN WELL's NMP series, NMP1K2 and NMP650, modular power supplies provide a versatile platform for customization, enabling design engineers to configure up to 12 outputs according to their specific needs. 

This unparalleled flexibility empowers industries such as medical and industrial designs to achieve optimized power distribution.

Fast Turnaround and Stock Availability

The capacity to handle up to 500 units per week and maintain a vast stock of half a million parts in the United States sets this collaboration apart from the rest. 

Such expeditious delivery and readily available components ensure the timely execution of projects, catering to urgent requirements and meeting tight deadlines. 

If you’re noticing the power supply failure symptoms, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you can replace power supply units fast with Bravo Electro and MEAN WELL.

Power Solutions - Beyond the Ordinary

For businesses that seek comprehensive power solutions beyond the confines of traditional power supplies, the Power Solutions section is the perfect match. 

This facet of MEAN WELL and Bravo Electro's offering encompasses system-level integration, custom enclosures with specified interconnects, and adherence to safety compliance standards, among other value-added services.

Comprehensive System Integration

MEAN WELL and Bravo Electro recognize that some customers require more than just a power supply - they seek a complete system integration. By partnering with these industry leaders, companies can elevate their projects by integrating multiple components into a cohesive and efficient system.

Custom Enclosures and Interconnects

Custom enclosed power supplies tailored to specific application needs provide not only physical protection but also a design aesthetic that aligns with the overall project vision. 

Moreover, specified interconnects ensure smooth communication and power distribution within the system, resulting in a robust and reliable solution.

Safety Compliance Assurance

When it comes to power solutions, safety is of utmost importance. MEAN WELL and Bravo Electro have a solid reputation for adhering to strict safety compliance standards, ensuring that their custom power solutions meet or exceed industry-specific regulations for any project.

We can help you navigate any power supply certification or power supply rating you need - from UL listed power supplies to class 2 vs class ii power supplies.

Custom Rack Mounted Power Systems

MEAN WELL's custom rack mount power supply systems boast cutting-edge technology, ensuring high efficiency, enhanced safety features, and industry-leading reliability. 

These power solutions deliver stable and clean power to connected equipment, minimizing the risk of system failures and downtime. 

Additionally, the flexible modular design allows businesses to easily add or modify power outputs as their requirements evolve, ensuring a future-proof infrastructure.

Efficiency and Reliability – Powering Success

MEAN WELL's rack mount power supplies are designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure high efficiency, enhanced safety features, and unparalleled reliability. 

These power solutions deliver stable and clean power to connected equipment, mitigating the risk of system failures and costly downtime.

The emphasis on maintaining a high power supply efficiency rating translates to optimized energy consumption, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. 

With MEAN WELL's reliable power solutions, businesses can rest assured that their critical systems are backed by unwavering performance, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and drive success.

Seamless Integration - Streamlining Operations

One of the key advantages of MEAN WELL's custom rack mount solutions is the ability to offer seamless integration into existing rack systems. 

The company's dedicated team of engineers collaborates closely with businesses to design power solutions that fit effortlessly into their specific rack configurations. 

This value-added service significantly reduces installation time and complexity, empowering businesses to streamline their operations and maximize productivity. 

With MEAN WELL's seamless integration, businesses can effortlessly deploy their custom power solutions, optimize their rack systems, and respond swiftly to changing needs in their dynamic industries.

Applicability Across Diverse Industries - Versatility Unleashed

MEAN WELL's custom rack mount power solutions find applications across a wide spectrum of industries. Regardless of the power supply sizes or power supply topologies you need, no matter the use case, we can help.

From data centers requiring uninterrupted power delivery to telecommunications networks seeking scalability and ease of integration, MEAN WELL's solutions cater to the unique requirements of each industry.

In industrial automation, where precision and stability are vital, these custom power solutions play a crucial role in ensuring continuous and safe operations. 

Moreover, industries such as medical equipment, laboratory testing, and research facilities benefit from MEAN WELL's efficient and reliable power solutions, ensuring consistent and clean power for accurate and reliable results. 

The versatility of MEAN WELL's custom rack mount power solutions makes them indispensable in powering success across diverse sectors.

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MEAN WELL and Bravo Electro's custom power supply offering represents a paradigm shift in the world of power solutions. 

A pairing of the industry’s most trusted power supply brand and the most trusted retailer means you get the best of both worlds: a reliable, efficient power supply with world-class support every step of the way. 

From the flexibility of Standard Modified adjustments to the versatility of Modular Power Assembly and the comprehensiveness of Power Solutions, this collaboration has set new standards in the industry. 

At Bravo Electro, you can also explore a wide array of standard AC DC power supply units. 12-volt power supply, 24-volt power supply, 48-volt power supply, and even high-voltage power supplies.

As businesses continue to evolve, these customized power solutions stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

At this point, the only question left is - which of these power supply types is right for you? Let’s find out together. It starts with you filling out our power supply requirements form. From there, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Embrace the power of customization and elevate your projects with MEAN WELL and Bravo Electro's custom power solutions today. Reach out about our custom power supply solutions and let’s get started.