Finding reliable high-voltage to low-voltage DC conversion has become increasingly challenging amidst soaring demand for renewable energy solutions. MEAN WELL power supplies address this need with the introduction of the DDRH Series High Voltage DIN Rail DC-DC Converters. 

These converters boast an ultra-wide input voltage range, robust protection features, and operational flexibility in extreme environments. Ideal for photovoltaic systems, energy storage, and electric vehicle infrastructure, the DDRH Series promises efficiency and reliability. 

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What is the MEAN WELL DDRH Series?

The MEAN WELL DDRH Series is a collection of high voltage DC to DC converters designed for DIN rail mounting, a standard method for securely attaching electrical devices within equipment racks. 

These converters are specifically tailored to step down high DC input voltages (150Vdc - 1500Vdc or 250Vdc-1500Vdc for the DDRH-120 and DDRH-240) to lower, usable DC outputs, catering to a growing sector that demands such conversion capabilities. 

The DDRH Series is part of MEAN WELL's broader commitment to providing power solutions that meet the needs of advanced industrial and renewable energy applications, where stable and reliable voltage conversion is critical. It represents MEAN WELL's innovation in addressing the complex power requirements of modern systems. 

Benefits and Key Features of the Series

These DIN rail power supplies are equipped with an array of features that set them apart from the traditional solutions you’ve been used to putting up with. They’re designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of high-voltage power applications.

Ultra-Wide Input Voltage Range

The DDRH Series offers an exceptional input voltage range of 150 or 250 to 1500 Vdc, accommodating the varied voltage outputs typical of renewable energy sources and high-voltage applications. 

This broad range ensures compatibility with a diverse set of high-voltage power supplies, making it a versatile choice for many systems.

Operational Flexibility 

These PSUs are engineered to maintain high DC DC converter efficiency across a wide temperature range from -40 to +80°C, with full load operation possible up to +50°C without derating. 

This temperature resilience ensures reliable performance in a variety of installation conditions, from cold to hot climates.

Complete Protection Features

The DDRH Series is equipped with comprehensive protection mechanisms, including under voltage protection, reverse polarity protection (without damage), short circuit, overload, over voltage, and over temperature protections. 

These features safeguard the converters and connected devices against potential damage from electrical irregularities. You can enjoy peace of mind by investing in these high-voltage DIN rail power supplies!


With built-in potentiometers, users can fine-tune the output voltage within ranges of 12 to 15V, 24 to 29V, 30 to 36V, and 48 to 58V, providing flexibility for different output requirements. 

Additionally, the fanless design ensures silent operation, and the units are capable of functioning at high altitudes up to 5000 meters, making them suitable for a wide array of industrial environments and applications.

There is also versatility in the sense that the DDRH-15, 30, and 45 come in three package types: 

  • DIN Rail mount (DR type): Quick and secure installation in control cabinets, ideal for industrial settings.
  • Screw terminal (ST type): Provides a durable and stable connection, perfect for environments with vibration or movement. 
  • PCB mounting (P type): Allows for a compact integration directly onto circuit boards, suitable for sleek, space-saving designs in electronic devices.

Key Applications for These DC-DC Converters

The MEAN WELL DDRH Series DC-DC Converters are engineered to excel in various high-demand applications where dependable power conversion is essential - from photovoltaics to energy storage and much more.

Integration in Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic (PV) installations often generate high DC voltages that need to be stepped down to match the operating levels of the system's components. 

The DDRH converters play a crucial role in powering controllers, Battery Management Systems (BMS), and communication modules directly from these high-voltage sources. While the DDRH series may not have the power rating to directly charge and convert power in these PV systems, it is perfect for auxiliary equipment power. 

Deployment in Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage systems are pivotal in managing the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources. Yet, they require stable and reliable voltage conversion. 

This is a perfect use case for these DIN rail DC-DC converters, which can power essential auxiliary equipment such as controllers, BMS, and communication modules. 

The DDRH Series ensures stable and reliable voltage conversion in harsh environmental conditions by directly taking input voltage from high-voltage sources without the need for additional AC utility line connections to the point of load.

Utilization in Charging Stations and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

As the electric vehicle (EV) market grows, the need for advanced charging infrastructure becomes more pronounced. 

DDRH converters facilitate the development of EV charging stations by providing stable low-voltage DC power from high-voltage sources, crucial for the rapid and safe charging of electric vehicles.

Compatibility with High Voltage to Low Voltage DC Conversion Requirements

Beyond all this, the DDRH Series caters to a wide array of industrial applications that require the conversion of high-voltage DC to lower voltages. 

Whether it's for powering control systems, telecommunications equipment, or any other application where high voltage input is the norm, these converters ensure a stable and reliable power supply, tailored to the specific voltage needs of the equipment. Here are some additional applications: 

  • Industrial control system
  • Semiconductor fabrication equipment
  • Electro-mechanical apparatus
  • DC bus centralized application
  • Charging pile
  • Third rail
  • And more!

In each of these applications, the MEAN WELL DDRH Series not only meets the technical demands but also offers reliability and performance that businesses can trust. 

This trust is built on the manufacturers’ proven track record of efficiency and adaptability in meeting the sophisticated power requirements of today's renewable energy and industrial landscapes. Let’s look at some of the specific types of DC to DC converter within the series.

An In-Depth Look at the Different Models Within the Series

There are currently 6 models within the MEAN WELL DDRH Series. Most of the differences lie in power supply wattage, but there are a few nuances in regard to power supply certification, power supply specs, and more:

  • DDRH-15, DDRH-30, DDRH-45 Models: These three models share a common core of features, including a 10:1 ultra-wide input range from 150-1500Vdc and the ability to be installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15 (DR-type), screw terminals (ST-type), and PCB mounting (P-type). They are all fanless, fully encapsulated, and rely on free air convection for cooling.
  • DDRH-60 Model: The DDRH-60 stands out with its 57mm slim width, making it a compact choice for space-constrained installations. It also boasts overvoltage category II compliance and immunity for industrial environments as per the BS EN/EN61000-6-2 standard. This model allows for a 20% adjustable DC output voltage, offering greater flexibility for specific application requirements.
  • DDRH-120 and DDRH-240 Models: These two models are designed for high-power applications, with unique features that set them apart from the rest of the series - such as the capability to withstand a 1700Vdc surge input for 10 seconds. These also have a 6:1 ultra-wide input range from 250-1500Vdc, which is slightly narrower than the 10:1 range of the lower-powered models. They’re also a bit larger in size, to accommodate the larger power output, with 63mm and 85.5mm widths respectively.

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Whether you require a compact converter for low-power applications or a high-wattage solution for demanding industrial environments, the DDRH Series has you covered. 

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