At Bravo Electro we carefully select the manufacturers we partner with to make sure we provide the most complete product offering at the highest quality to our customers.  We currently have one of the most diverse standard off the shelf offering of AC/DC power supplies, LED drivers, DC/DC converters, DC fans, AC fans and Piezos.  If your requirement can't be met with a standard off the shelf component we have manufacturers with the capabilities to do simple modifications or full customs.  Below is a list of the manufacturers we're a stocking distributor for.

*Please note we're currently in the process of updating our website, which includes adding prodcuts from all of our manufacturers.  If we don't show product online for the brand you're looking for, please call 408-733-9090, email us at or chat online.  

Power Supplies:

Fans / Blowers / Impellers and Components:

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