MeanWell XLG Series LED Drivers

When it comes to lighting, you can’t beat LEDs. They’re as efficient and long-lasting as you’ll find and they greatly outperform fluorescents and HIDs in terms of power. Whether you’re in horticulture or just need a reliable, cost-effective solution for your lighting needs. 

And when it comes to powering your LEDs, you can’t beat the MEAN WELL XLG Series LED Drivers. These offer unprecedented power offerings, flexibility, reliability, & efficiency in a compact footprint. What more could you ask for in a LED driver solution? 

Maybe you manufacture multiple systems with LEDs and would like to reduce the amount LED driver part numbers you buy. Or, perhaps you’re designing a new lighting system with multiple LED strings and need an efficient and cost effective power supply. Either way, you can count on the XLG drivers to check off all your boxes.

We’ll take a few minutes below to explain what makes this series so special. You’ll also learn key facts/features about these drivers, and we’ll introduce you to the full lineup. Let’s not waste any more time!

What Makes the MEAN WELL XLG Series LED Drivers So Special?

MEAN WELL brings more than 35 years of experience to the table - and they continue to lead the charge in the power supply industry as a whole. Their LED drivers are no exception, and the XLG Series is the latest example of that. 

These drivers feature a constant power design and some of the lower power models are rated as Class 2 power supplies. Since being released initially in 2018, the series has earned high marks with customers. Here are the key takeaways from this series:

Unprecedented Power, Unparalleled Efficiency

This series is the result of the world’s greatest power supply engineers paired with rigorous testing to achieve something that other drivers are incapable of - balancing unprecedented output with unparalleled efficiency. The end result is a metal case, IP67 rated, LED driver, capable of covering a wide variety of outputs that costs less to integrate into any LED application.

With an efficiency of up to 94% and a lifetime rating that exceeds 50,000 hrs, this is as reliable of a LED driver as you’ll find. MEANWELL stands behind that lifetime expectation with a 5-year warranty, too.

Compliance & Versatility

If you were stressing over finding a UL listed power supply or navigating other compliance issues, you’ll be pleased to discover that the XLG series is compliant with the latest version of IEC61347/GB7000.1-2015 and UL8750 international safety regulations. 

And that’s not all either - MEAN WELL took things a step further to get in accordance with new isolation regulations by optimizing the output and dimming options. Now, users don’t need to stress over safety during installation. 

The output/input cables used are adopted from the exclusive MEANWELL international globally certified cables. That means customers won’t have any issues matching the luminaire system - it can be sold worldwide worry-free without the need to change cables.

Here is a full list of safety certifications this driver is equipped with: CB/ENEC EN61347-1, UL8750, EAC, CCC, KC, PSE, CE, and BIS. No matter what requirements you need to adhere to, this driver is up to the task and if you don't see a safety mark you need please ask Bravo Electro. But perhaps the most important takeaway is that these drivers are IP67 waterproof rated, perfect for extreme conditions and have a wide operating temperature of -40 ~ +85C.

Compact Footprint to Accommodate Any Use Case

Speaking of versatility, the footprint of these drivers is as compact as it gets - fitting virtually any use case. This is particularly important for horticulture where expensive commercial growing space cannot afford to be wasted. However, this driver also works well in any other outdoor lighting use case: street lighting, floodlighting, stage lighting, fishing lighting, you name it.

Additional Features

The MEAN WELL XLG Series LED Drivers are also equipped with intuitive capabilities like a 3-in-1 dimming function, surge protection with 6KV/4KV (10KV/6KV optional), a wide input range of 100~305V AC, and over-voltage protection. 

Different Models in the MEANWELL XLG LED Driver Series

As of now, there are 9 different output wattages offered within the MEAN WELL XLG LED Driver Series. Within each output wattage there are several constant power and constant voltage output options. That means you can trust that the right solution for your lighting needs is covered:



On the smallest end of the spectrum, the XLG-20 has a footprint of just 95x63x30mm. It features three different driver currents of 350/500/700 mA, which can be used directly with SMD or COB LEDs. Now, on the other side of the spectrum, the XLG-320 is still just a mere 246x77x39.5mm. This model offers three different adjustable drive currents with ranges of 500~1400mA/ 1050~2800mA and 2800~7400mA.

One of the many great features about this series is how easily you can adjust your output current based on your unique LED needs. You can easily adjust the output current up or down via the built-in potentiometer.

This image below does a good job illustrating the key facts and features of the various models within this series:

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You can learn more about what an LED driver does in our blog, or figure out what LED driver you need with our helpful resource. We also have articles discussing how to tell if an LED driver is bad and needs to be replaced along with the different types of LED drivers available on the market.

Otherwise, it’s time to see firsthand what a difference the XLG Series can make in your operation. Whether you are unsure which XLG Series driver is right for you or you’re ready to place your order, head over to our collection of LED drivers for sale and get yours today.