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The launch of the MEAN WELL LOP Series marks a significant advancement in power supply technology, addressing a critical gap in the market. 

For years, professionals in telecommunications, medical, and industrial sectors have grappled with the limitations of conventional power supplies, particularly in terms of size, efficiency, and operational range. 

The LOP Series, now exclusively available at Bravo Electro, revolutionizes this landscape. It not only offers a sleeker profile and higher power within smaller dimensions but also expands operational capabilities with a remarkable temperature range and robust compliance standards. 

We’re excited to introduce this series below and highlight what separates it from the rest of the marketplace. If you’d like to learn more about what this series can do for your operation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts here at Bravo Electro!

Why the MEAN WELL LOP Series is a Game Changer in Space Saving, Reliability, Efficiency

MEAN WELL has long been considered the best power supply company for consistently delivering reliable, efficient solutions ranging from the XLG Series LED Drivers to  Intelligent Battery Chargers.

And now, the MEAN WELL LOP Series solves some of the most pressing problems related to industrial power supplies: size. But beyond the compact footprint of these revolutionary PSUs, there’s a lot to be excited about…

Compact Footprint

The MEAN WELL LOP Series redefines space efficiency in power supply units, making it a standout choice for space-critical applications. 

Its compact power supply size, with standard ultra-low profile dimensions of 4" x 2" x 1" (L x W x H) in the LOP-200/300 models ensures that it occupies minimal space while delivering robust power. The LOP-400/500/600 is a bit bigger but still just  5" x 3".

This series is particularly beneficial in environments where space is at a premium, yet high power and reliability are non-negotiable. We’ll highlight the most exciting use cases shortly.

Superior Power Efficiency and Output

The LOP Series represents a leap forward in power supply efficiency. With a maximum efficiency reaching 94%, these units stand at the forefront of energy-saving technology. 

The series offers a range of power supply watts from 200W to 600W, catering to diverse power requirements. That means it can accommodate a wide array of use cases.

This impressive power output, combined with high efficiency, means that the LOP Series can deliver more power in a smaller package, making it ideal for space-sensitive applications.

Enhanced Operating Temperature Range and Reliability

One of the standout features of the LOP Series is its wide operating temperature range, from -40°C to +80°C. This extended range ensures reliable performance in extreme conditions, making the series suitable for a variety of challenging environments. 

The reliability is further enhanced by a 150% peak load capacity for up to 3 seconds, allowing the units to handle sudden surges in power demand without compromising stability or performance.

When you invest in the MEAN WELL LOP Series, you’re investing in peace of mind not having to troubleshoot power supplies or deal with frustrating PSU replacement.

Compliance with Multiple Safety Standards and Certifications

Safety is paramount in power supply design, and the LOP Series excels in this area. It complies with a host of safety standards, including 62368-1, 60601-1, 61558-1, and 60335-1. 

Additionally, its compliance with 2xMOPP makes it suitable for Type BF medical applications. These certifications underscore the series' versatility, making it ideal for a broad range of applications from industrial to medical.

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Unique Features and Patent Information

The LOP Series is not only efficient and reliable but also innovative. It boasts a patent (ZL 202223277512.1) for its unique design and features. 

This includes an ultra-low profile of just 1" height, built-in PFC, and extremely low leakage current. The series also features a built-in 12V/0.5A auxiliary power supply, further adding to its versatility.

Technical Specifications and Variants: LOP-200/300/400/500/600

The MEAN WELL LOP Series offers a range of distinct specifications across its models, catering to various power needs and applications. 

Here's a brief look at the key differences in power supply specs among the LOP-200, LOP-300, LOP-400, LOP-500, and LOP-600 models:

  • LOP-200/300 Series: These models come in a compact 4" x 2" size, offering power ratings of 200W and 300W, respectively. They are characterized by their slim profile and efficient power output within a smaller footprint.
  • LOP-400/500/600 Series: Stepping up in size to 5" x 3", these models offer higher power outputs of 400W, 500W, and 600W. This increase in size and power output makes them suitable for more demanding applications that require greater power in a still-compact form.

Each model in the series is designed with specific power requirements in mind, ensuring a tailored solution for different industrial, medical, and telecommunication applications. Let’s dive deeper into these use cases below.

Applications and Use Cases for the MEAN WELL LOP Series

The MEAN WELL LOP Series is exceptionally versatile, designed to meet the demands of various applications. These include telecommunications, medical, industrial, and even household applications.

Suitability for Telecommunications, Medical, and Industrial Applications

The LOP Series is ideal for these sectors due to its high efficiency, compact size, and compliance with stringent safety standards. 

Its reliable performance in diverse temperature ranges and ability to handle peak loads make it suitable for sensitive medical equipment, demanding industrial machinery, and critical telecommunication infrastructure.

Advantages in Household Devices and Factory Automation

In household and automation settings, the LOP Series' space-saving design and high power output are advantageous. 

Its durability and efficiency support the continuous operation of household devices and contribute to the streamlined automation in factories, where space and reliable power are crucial.

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Wrapping Up Our Introduction to the MEAN WELL LOP Series

The MEAN WELL LOP Series epitomizes cutting-edge power supply solutions with its compact design, high efficiency, and versatile application range. Ideal for telecommunications, medical, industrial, household, and automation sectors, it meets diverse needs with reliability and space-saving prowess.

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But at this point, it’s time to experience the innovation and reliability of the MEAN WELL LOP Series at Bravo Electro, where expert support and a commitment to quality ensure you find the perfect power solution for your specific needs. 

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