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In an age where precision, reliability, and customization have become non-negotiable, navigating the intricate world of power supply solutions can feel like trying to find a needle in an ever-expanding technological haystack.

Professionals know that one size does not fit all when it comes to power systems, and finding the right solution - tailored to the specific needs of your operation - can be a daunting task. 

Missteps in this crucial journey are not just inconvenient. They can be costly, compromising efficiency, performance, and even the integrity of critical equipment. Amid these challenges, who do you trust with your custom power supply design requirements? You needn’t look any further than Bravo Electro.

We’re your beacon of innovation in the vast sea of power supply solutions. As a distinguished provider of customized power supply units, we're here to tell you that you don't have to settle for the standard. We understand that your power supply needs are as unique as your business, and we believe that you deserve solutions that mirror this individuality.

Our partnership with MEAN WELL amplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional services and unrivaled expertise, allowing us to transcend ordinary power supply solutions and engineer designs tailored to your specific challenges. 

From local, on-demand support to navigating the maze of regulatory compliance, and from rigorous quality control to strategic inventory management, our comprehensive suite of value-added services is designed to put you in control. 

Below, we’ll expand on all the reasons you can trust us with all your customized power supply needs. Then, we’ll walk you through a few examples of our capabilities and help you get started.

Why You Can Trust Bravo Electro for Custom Power Supply Design & Manufacturing

In the face of complexities that abound in power supply customization, Bravo Electro stands as a beacon of trust. Our expertise and client-centered approach align with your specific needs, making us a partner you can count on. Here's why:

We Make Power Supply Customization Simple and Straightforward

At Bravo Electro, we believe in simplifying the complex. We transform your unique requirements into an actionable design blueprint, while our partnership with MEAN WELL empowers us to engineer solutions that are both innovative and reliable. 

From modifying standard power supplies to meet unique specifications like power supply sizing, power supply voltage, and unique interface requirements, to offering a seamless design process that keeps you involved every step of the way, we ensure that power supply customization is no longer a daunting task, but an exciting journey.s

You Gain Access to Local Engineering & Support

Our engineering team and Value Add Center is based in the U.S., providing you with on-demand project support whenever you need it. 

Our proximity does more than just erase time zone and language barriers - it brings us closer to understanding your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. This closer connection enables us to provide fast, personalized, and efficient service, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your core business.

Enjoy Peace of Mind as We Help You Navigate Regulatory Compliance

Compliance needn't be a maze of confusion and stress. Our dedicated regulatory compliance team ensures your design meets required safety standards, whether they're specific to industrial or medical sectors. 

We not only help you meet international certifications like UL, CE, and RoHS but also assist in preparing compliance documents. Our comprehensive compliance support means you can rest easy, knowing that your power supply won't fall foul of any regulations. 

From class 1 vs class 2 power supply to UL listed vs UL recognized power supply, we even have detailed guides on the various power supply specifications to help you navigate this complex process and demystify it.

Strict Quality Control So You Know You’re Getting a Reliable, Efficient Unit 

Reliability and efficiency are the twin pillars of our quality assurance strategy. Every power supply we design and manufacture is tested and verified to meet the highest quality standards. 

Our rigorous checks, meticulous attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of excellence ensure that you get a unit that operates optimally, saves energy, and stands the test of time. 

We take power supply efficiency ratings and the power supply lifespan seriously and we know you do too. You won’t have to stress about premature failure or costly energy bills when you partner with us.

Inventory Management to Optimize Supply Chains and Reduce Lead Times

We understand the impact of supply chain efficiencies on your bottom line. That's why we offer inventory management services that optimize your supply chain and reduce lead times. 

Our just-in-time manufacturing and strategic inventory management ensure that you have the right products at the right time, without the added costs and complexity of excess inventory.


By turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth, Bravo Electro establishes itself as a trusted partner in power supply design and manufacturing. 

Our commitment to simplifying the complex, providing on-demand support, ensuring regulatory compliance, delivering reliable and efficient units, and optimizing supply chains make us the ideal partner for your power supply needs. Trust Bravo Electro, where your vision powers our innovation. 

We’ve worked with countless organizations to create customized power supply solutions, and we are excited to do the same for you. Below, we’ll highlight a few examples of our process at play to show you what’s possible with us on your side.

Examples of Our Custom Power Supply Design Process in Action

To fully appreciate the breadth and depth of Bravo Electro's expertise in custom power supply design, let's delve into three real-world examples that demonstrate how we transformed unique requirements into innovative solutions.

Custom 19KW Battery Charger for Warehouse Robots

The client required a robust battery charging solution for warehouse robots, an application demanding high power and reliability. We designed a three-phase input power supply, delivering an impressive 58Vdc at 330A output.

However, it was not just about brute power. The power supply needed to conform to specific regulations, so our team ensured it was UL1564 and FCC Part 15 certified. Furthermore, to withstand the tough industrial environment, the mechanical enclosure was designed to be IP52-rated, ensuring dust and water resistance.

To integrate seamlessly into the client's system, we incorporated CANBus communication protocol. The end result was a robust, high-power charger that not only kept the warehouse robots running efficiently but also met all the client's specific requirements and regulations.

2. Integrated 24Vdc UPS with Built-in Batteries for Control Cabinet

In this project, the client needed a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for their control cabinet, capable of providing backup power for 45-60 minutes. Our team designed a UPS with a wide 85~264V AC input range, delivering a reliable 150 watts at 24 volts.

To accommodate the weight of the power supply and built-in batteries, we engineered a special DIN rail mount housing, ensuring safe and secure installation within the control cabinet. ModBus communication protocol was incorporated for seamless integration into the client's existing system. This custom solution provided a reliable power backup for the control cabinet, ensuring smooth operation even in the event of power interruptions.

3. 24Vdc Power Supply with Integrated EMI Filter in Diagnostic Device

The client was a medical diagnostic device manufacturer who needed a custom power supply that could be serviced in the field and fit within their existing enclosure. Our team developed a power supply delivering 1000 watts at 24 volts, all within a custom housing that could be easily installed and serviced in the field.

Crucially, we integrated an EMI filter to mitigate any potential electromagnetic interference, ensuring accurate and reliable diagnostic readings. Additionally, given the critical medical application, we ensured that the power supply adhered to medical safety standard UL61010-1.

Each of these examples showcases Bravo Electro's ability to turn unique power supply challenges into tailor-made solutions. Through our custom design process, we successfully met diverse power needs while ensuring regulatory compliance, integration, and efficiency. 

No matter your power supply needs, Bravo Electro is ready to bring your vision to life. Here’s how you can get the process underway today…

How to Get Started With Power Supply Customization at Bravo Electro

Whatever your unique needs are, you can count on us to deliver a solution that checks all those boxes while offering you peace of mind. The 4 step process is as simple and straightforward as it gets:

1. Customer Meeting and Requirement Review

Our process begins with a comprehensive customer meeting where we take the time to understand your specific needs, challenges, and expectations. This meeting is followed by an in-depth review of your power requirements.

We use a detailed Power Requirement Form to capture all necessary information, including AC or DC input, voltage, single or multi-output, DC output voltage, amps, wattage, form factor (such as modular PSU, DIN rail, enclosed, open frame, etc.), available space, project name, estimated annual usage, and project status. We also note down any other specific needs or constraints that you might have.

2. Product Selection, Preliminary Specification, and Quoting

Based on your requirements, our team will select the best-suited product from our wide range of power supply solutions. We then prepare a preliminary specification outlining the proposed power supply design. This includes all custom modifications needed to meet your unique specifications and constraints.

Once you're satisfied with the preliminary spec, we provide a comprehensive quote detailing the costs involved. On acceptance of the quote, we proceed to the prototype build stage.

3. Prototype Building and Qualification/Testing

We then move into the prototype building phase. Our engineers construct a prototype of your custom power supply based on the agreed-upon specifications. This prototype undergoes a series of rigorous tests in our state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure it meets all your specified requirements and performs reliably under different operating conditions.

If the design involves regulatory standards, the prototype is sent to the safety lab for compliance testing. Once all boxes are checked, we move forward to the production build.

4. Production Build at the Value Add Center

Once the prototype is qualified and approved, we initiate the production build at our Value Add Center. Our expert team takes utmost care in building each unit, ensuring it matches the quality and performance of the tested prototype.

Bring Your Custom Power Supply Vision to Life at Bravo Electro Today!

At Bravo Electro, we don't just deliver power supply solutions; we create partnerships that empower your vision. Our process is flexible, transparent, and customer-focused, ensuring that you're involved at each step. 

From the basic 12vdc power supply, 24 volt power supply, 48vdc power supply units to high-voltage power supplies, there are no limits on what you can create here with the help of Bravo Electro.

Ready to bring your custom power supply vision to life? Fill out our Power Requirement Form, or reach out to us directly. We can't wait to power your next innovation.