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Precision and reliability are paramount in LED lighting, whether the application is an office lighting layout or a sophisticated indoor horticulture facility. 

There are many different solutions at your disposal as the industry continues to evolve and innovate, but latest revolution belongs to MEAN WELL with their XLN and XLC series LED drivers for sale.

These intuitive LED power supplies are equipped with the most comprehensive safety features and unparalleled dimming capabilities, addressing a spectrum of commercial and industrial requirements.

With their compact design and efficient heat management, they ensure that your spaces are not only well-lit but also operationally cost-effective and safe. Integrating these into your existing setup is easy, too, given the versatility of the MEAN WELL XLN Series and XLC Series.

Discover the specific benefits of each model and explore how they can be applied to your unique lighting scenarios below. 

Better yet, contact Bravo Electro directly to learn how these cutting-edge LED drivers can transform your space, and optimize your lighting solution for efficiency, maximum reliability, and peace of mind. As the #1 MEAN WELL power supply distributor we can help you harness the full potential of these series today!

What Makes the MEAN WELL XLN / XLC Series Such a Revolutionary LED Power Supply?

It’s no surprise that MEAN WELL has returned with yet another innovation in the LED lighting space. Just over a year ago we were here highlighting the new MEAN WELL XLG Series LED Drivers as the pinnacle of performance in this industry. 

Here we are again excited to unveil the latest and greatest from one of the most respected power supply manufacturers the industry has ever seen. These are another step towards the global initiative to achieve the 2050 net-zero carbon emission target through energy conservation.

From the MEAN WELL XLN Series to the MEAN WELL XLC Series, these drivers are unlike anything you’ve ever had access to before. Here’s what makes them so special…

Comprehensive Safety Certifications

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to power supplies, which is why both the MEAN WELL XLN and XLC series exceed expectations with their rigorous safety standards.

Each is designed with double insulation and complies with Class II and Class 2 safety standards, so they don’t need a safety connection to electrical earth (ground). This reduces the risk of electrical shock, making these drivers suitable for a wide range of indoor environments. 

They also adhere to international safety regulations, including UL8750, Class P, and the requirements of the IEEE 1789 standard for flicker-free lighting, ensuring a safe and stable power supply that minimizes the risk of flicker-induced eye strain or headaches.

Compact Footprint and Heat Reduction

We recently highlighted the appeal of the MEAN WELL LOP series in solving space constraint challenges in commercial settings. 

Now, MEAN WELL has applied the same low profile power supply to their LED drivers. The XLN and XLC series are engineered to optimize space and enhance durability. They feature fully encapsulated plastic cases in a compact footprint to seamlessly fit in a variety of lighting fixtures. 

This encapsulation doesn’t just protect against dust, moisture, and other mechanical stressors, though. It also serves as a heat sink to reduce the risk of your power supply overheating. The series' design ensures that heat is dissipated effectively which will also extend your power supply’s lifespan and prevent premature power supply replacement.

Versatility Through Dimming and Output Application Variety

Any LED driver worth its salt offers dimmable features, but none can match the versatility of the MEAN WELL XLN Series or the MEAN WELL XLC Series. 

These power supplies support multiple dimming functions, including 3-in-1 dimming (0-10V, PWM, resistance) and DALI-2 digital dimming. 

They can even be modified to support modern protocols like KNX, Casambi, and Matter. The minimum brightness can be adjusted to as precise as 0.1%, so you can easily configure the perfect smart control solution. 

As you can imagine, this makes them suitable for dynamic lighting conditions required in digital signage, architectural lighting, and commercial setups - we’ll highlight more specific use cases later on. 

But beyond dimming, you can rest assured the most optimal lighting arrangement is within reach through a combination of constant voltage and constant current output options. 

The constant voltage outputs (12V/24V/48V) are ideal for LED strip lights, while the constant current models are tailored for fixed luminance applications, providing stable brightness and enhancing the color consistency of LEDs.

The H-type model supports NFC programmability of the output current. This is advantageous for applications where the power supply is not easily accessible, or where adjustments to the output need to be made frequently or remotely. 

It simplifies the process by enabling these changes through a smartphone or a dedicated NFC device, eliminating the need for physical adjustments on the power supply itself.

Practical Use Cases for These Intelligent LED Drivers

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the roll-out of MEAN WELL’s new intelligent LED drivers, as the applications for these types of LED drivers are plentiful. We’ll highlight some of the most common below to show you just how versatile these drivers are.

Commercial Track Light

The MEAN WELL XLN and XLC series are ideal for powering commercial track lighting systems, offering adjustable outputs and dimming capabilities that adapt seamlessly to the dynamic ambiance requirements of retail spaces, art galleries, and showrooms. 

These drivers ensure consistent, flicker-free illumination, crucial for enhancing product displays and art pieces with true-to-color lighting.

Commercial Recessed Light

Standard recessed lighting layouts will also benefit from the compact design and low heat output of the XLN and XLC series. 

These drivers fit easily into limited spaces behind ceilings while providing stable, efficient power to LEDs. This allows for long-term, maintenance-free operation in offices, conference rooms, and hospitality venues.

Tri-proof Light

Environments that demand reliable, durable lighting solutions are perfectly suited for the MEAN WELL XLN Series - think warehouses, parking garages, and factories.

This is due to its IP67-rated, fully potted design that offers protection against dust, moisture, and mechanical impacts. This ensures uninterrupted performance in conditions where exposure to the elements is a constant challenge.

Linear Light

Linear lighting applications, particularly in architectural and task lighting, require drivers that offer precise control over lighting effects. 

The MEAN WELL XLC series is a perfect match for these use cases with its various dimming options including sophisticated protocols like DALI-2 and Matter. These features enable precise brightness control and integration with smart building management systems.

Office Lighting

Even just the typical office can benefit from the XLN and XLC series, as they support a productive workplace through stable, glare-free lighting that minimizes eye strain and fatigue. 

With features like emergency lighting functionality and compliance with flicker-free standards, these drivers help create a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Digital Lighting

Digital lighting, ranging from dynamic signage to programmable displays, relies on flexible, reliable power solutions. 

The MEAN WELL XLN and XLC series support advanced dimming technologies and multiple output options that adapt to the varying demands of digital applications, ensuring optimal visibility and color consistency across displays.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Specific Application

There’s no question the MEAN WELL XLN or XLC Series can support your operation and enhance your lighting efficiency and reliability. The only question is, what LED driver do I need exactly? We’re here to help you find out by breaking down the different models below. 

But remember - you can always get in touch with us here at Bravo Electro for a personalized recommendation based on your specific needs. That being said, here’s an overview of the various types of power supply that fall under the XLN and XLC Series by MEAN WELL.

The XLN Series

The MEAN WELL XLN Series is a wiring cable type that’s IP67 rated. It features three different models varying in functionality and power. 

For example, the XLN-25 and XLN-40 offer constant voltage (C.V.) outputs in just 12V and 24V, whereas the XLN-60 can support 48V CV outputs too. This model is also more efficient than the other two in the series at 90% compared to 88%.

All of these units feature protection from overvoltage, short circuits, over-temperature, and more. The XLN-60 can be dimmed through PWM style dimming.

The XLC Series

The XLC Series, on the other hand, operates through a terminal block style. 

Just like the XLN series, you can choose from three different models within the series depending on your power supply wattage needs. The XLC-25 and XLC-40 are rated for 12V and 24V CV outputs whereas the XLC-60 supports an additional 48V output and is dimmable. There is also a specialized XLC-S series independent type.

The MEAN WELL XLN and XLC series grants you access to H-type constant current outputs, 3-in-1 dimming, DALI-2 dimming, and other power supply specifications to help you make the most of your lighting layout.

Inputs range from 110~305VAC (with PFC function), standby power consumption is ultra-low at less than 0.5W, and every single unit is backed by a 5-year warranty and 50,000-hour lifetime. It doesn’t get much better than that!

So, why not get in touch today to learn more about what these drivers can do for you and which models best suit your needs? 

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Learn more about MEAN WELL vs Inventronics, what does an LED driver do, how to tell if LED driver is bad, LED driver vs power supply, power supply certification, and other related topics in our blog. 

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