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NGE SERIES AC-DC Power Supplies

12 to 90 Watts.  5 ~ 55 Volt Output Options.  World Wide Safeties.  Medical, ITE, Industrial and Household Certifications.  International Plug Options.  Slim Compact, Wall Plug-in Design.

Unveiling the new MEAN WELL wall plug-in adapter series.

If you’re fed up with settling for bulky, inefficient external power supplies that don’t meet your needs, you’re in luck. We’re excited to introduce the MEAN WELL NGE Series adapters!

MEAN WELL, known for their high reliability power supplies, releases a new revolutionary lineup of reliable wall plug-in AC adapters that address these issues head-on with a range from 12W to 90W, compact design, and compliance with the most stringent international safety and energy efficiency standards. 

Ideal for a wide breadth of applications, from medical devices, industrial power equipment, to consumer electronics, the NGE Series ensures your device operates smoothly no matter where you are in the world, with it's optional international plug set. 

Bravo Electro is an industry-leading MEAN WELL power supply distributor, and we're excited to offer you this cutting-edge series to be used on your next project. Reach out to learn more, or continue reading to discover the full capabilities of the MEAN WELL NGE Series external power supplies!

NGE Series Product Offering

From 12 watts to 90 watts. Multiple DC voltage output options from 5 volts to 55 volts. Lots of features in a compact package.

NGE12 Series

  • 12 watt output (nominal)
  • 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC output voltage options
  • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
  • <100µA leakage current
  • Up to 87.5% efficiency
  • Slim Size 48 x 28 x 55mm 

Pricing and Datasheets:

NGE18 Series

  • 18 watt output (nominal)
  • 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC output voltage options
  • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
  • <100µA leakage current
  • Up to 88% efficiency
  • Slim Size 48 x 28 x 55mm 

Pricing and Datasheets:

NGE30 Series

  • 30 watt output (nominal)
  • 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC output voltage options
  • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
  • <100µA leakage current
  • Up to 91.5% efficiency
  • Slim Size 62 x 30 x 65mm 

Pricing and Datasheets:

NGE45 Series

  • 45 watt output (nominal)
  • 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC output voltage options
  • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
  • <100µA leakage current
  • Up to 91% efficiency
  • Slim Size 62 x 30 x 65mm 

Pricing and Datasheets:

NGE65 Series

  • 65 watt output (nominal)
  • 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC output voltage options
  • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
  • <100µA leakage current
  • Up to 92% efficiency
  • Slim Size 62 x 30 x 65mm 

Pricing and Datasheets:

NGE90 Series

  • 90 watt output (nominal)
  • 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 55VDC output voltage options
  • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
  • <100µA leakage current
  • Up to 92% efficiency
  • Slim Size 62 x 30 x 85.5mm 

Pricing and Datasheets:



A power adapter that has everything you need and more.

Key features of the new MEAN WELL adapters.

Spanning power options inlcuding 12 watts, 18 watts,  30 watts, 45 watts, 60 wattst and 90 watts, the series sets a new benchmark in the market with its slim design, broad international safety certifications, and exceptional energy efficiency. 

But, what is an AC adapter from MEAN WELL designed to do exactly? These innovative adapters serve a multitude of sectors, including medical, industrial, and consumer electronics. They offer your next project unparalleled reliability and compatibility for a global market.

Let’s break down the key features below that set this series apart from other wall adapters below.

Enhanced Power Range: From 12 watts to 90 watts

The NGE Series wall plug-in adapters addresses a broad spectrum of power requirements with its extensive range of models that offer outputs from 12 watts to 90 watts. 

This versatility ensures that whether for low-power IoT devices or more robust industrial equipment, there is a suitable adapter within the series. 

The enhanced power range allows users to precisely match the power supply to their specific electrical needs, eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring optimal performance.

Compact and Slim Wall-Mounted Design for Space Efficiency

The low profile power supply design of the NGE Series is one of its most significant advantages. These wall-mounted adapters are engineered to occupy minimal space, but still packing big power, making them an excellent choice for environments where space is at a premium. 

Despite their compact size, they do not compromise on power supply efficiency or output, making them an ideal solution for your application where aesthetics and functionality are key considerations.

Long-Term Reliability and 3-Year Warranty

MEAN WELL is a power supply manufacturer with a reputation for reliable power supply products that are built to last like its XLG series LED drivers, intelligent battery chargers, LOP series, and everything in between. 

The NGE Series is no exception. These wall plug in adapters are constructed with high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing testing standards to ensure long-term reliability. 

This commitment to durability is backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty, offering users peace of mind and confidence in their investment. The warranty reflects MEAN WELL's trust in the NGE Series' longevity and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

The adapters within the NGE Series are built to operate reliably across a wide temperature range of -30 to +70C, ensuring performance stability in various climates and conditions. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for applications that require deployment in extreme environments, from hot industrial settings to outdoor applications in cold weather. 

The adapters' resilience to temperature variations makes them a reliable choice for global use, with the ability to maintain consistent operation despite external temperature fluctuations. You’ll enjoy a longer power supply lifespan with fewer hassles along the way.



Universal, global safety standards and certifications

The NGE series from MEAN WELL stands as a pinnacle of safety and reliability in the realm of wall-mounted power supplies. With its comprehensive safety standards and certifications, it emerges as a universal solution suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether powering household electronics, office equipment, or industrial machinery, the NGE series ensures peace of mind through its robust design and adherence to stringent safety protocols, making it a trusted choice for powering diverse needs efficiently and securely.

  • Medical Safeties: The series meets stringent medical safety standards such as 60601-1 and 60601-1-11, including compliance with 2x MOPP and suitability for BF (Body Floating) medical applications. This ensures the highest level of protection for patients and device operators, with a leakage current maintained well under 100µA.
  • Industrial Safeties: To safely power equipment in the industrial industry these external power supplies include the 61558-1/-2-16 safety certificate. This series of adapters also adopts the 94V-0 flame retardant plastic case, protecting users in the most industrial applications.
  • ITE Safeties: For IoT equipment, the series adheres to the 62368-1 standard and is certified by a range of international bodies including CB, DEKRA, UL, PSE, BSMI, RCM, CCC, EAC, CE, UKCA, and FCC. This wide recognition underscores its applicability and safety for a range of ITE-related applications.
  • Household Safeties: The adapters also comply with the 60335-1 standard for household appliances, demonstrating their safety and reliability in everyday domestic environments. This certification ensures that the NGE Series can be safely integrated into household settings, providing power to appliances with the assurance of meeting established safety guidelines.
  • Energy Efficiency Compliance: In an era where energy conservation is paramount, the NGE Series stands out by complying with Level VI energy efficiency standards. These standards, which include EISA 2007/DoE, NRCan, MEPS, ErP, and CoC Version 5, are some of the most rigorous in reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact. By adhering to these standards, the NGE Series not only ensures lower operational costs but also reflects a commitment to sustainability.
  • Limited Power Source (LPS) Compliance: Models NGE30 to NGE65 within the series meet the LPS requirements. This is a safety standard that limits the power output of a power supply to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock in the event of a fault. By complying with LPS, the NGE Series adds an extra layer of protection, making it a safer choice for a broad range of applications.

Use-Cases for the NGE Series power supplies.

From medical devices to industrial equipment, and even household use cases - MeanWell made a power supply that can do it all.

Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances: Enhancing Everyday Devices

Its compact design allows for unobtrusive integration into living spaces, while its energy efficiency keeps electricity bills to a minimum without sacrificing performance. Learn more about household electronics in our blog, including is house electric AC or DC?

Medical Applications: Ensuring Patient and Device Safety

Healthcare equipment demands the highest standards of safety and reliability. The NGE Series, with its compliance to 60601-1/-11, 2xMOPP, BF medical standards and extremely low leakage current, is specifically designed to meet these needs.

These medical power supplies provide safe and reliable power to critical medical devices, including those used in direct patient care, ensuring that both patient safety and device functionality are maintained at all times.

Industrial and ITE Equipment: Powering Innovation with Reliability

The industrial and ITE sector benefits significantly from the robustness of the NGE Series. These wall-mounted adapters can withstand the rigors of industrial and ITE environments, providing consistent power to equipment that requires reliability for uninterrupted operation. 

Whether it's for automation, networking, control systems, or motors, the NGE Series delivers power without faltering, driving innovation and productivity in industrial settings.

Discover what the MEAN WELL NGE Series power supplies can do for you today at Bravo Electro!

The MEAN WELL NGE Series wall mounted power supplies are where cutting-edge technology meets versatile applications. From powering delicate medical devices to robust industrial machinery, these wall-mounted adapters provide a range of wattages to suit any need, all while ensuring energy efficiency and safety compliance.

Our blog has more resources on topics like the difference between AC and DC power, types of DC to DC converter, what causes voltage loss, how to use DC power supply, and more.

But at this point, the only thing left to do is find the perfect power solution for your operation’s unique needs. We don’t just carry the MEAN WELL NGE Series, but all your power supply needs.

Regardless of power supply voltage, we have you covered - with the premier selection of 12v DC power supply, 24v DC power supply, 48v DC power supply, and even custom power supply solutions through our partnership with MEAN WELL.

We also have DC to DC converter, AC to DC converter, modular power supply, DIN rail power supply, LED driver power supply, and everything in between. 

With unparalleled customer support, an extensive selection of products, competitive pricing, and the ability to customize solutions tailored to your specifications, Bravo Electro is your go-to destination. 

Experience the ease of shopping with fast shipping and discover the MEAN WELL NGE Series that will revolutionize the way you power your world!

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