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Mechatronics Fans

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Mechatronics and Bravo Electro's partnership spands over 15 years making Bravo Electro their go to distributor for servicing customer's cooling needs.  Mechatronics wide breadth of product includes DC Axial, AC Axial, DC Blowers, DC Motorized Impellers, EC / AC Low Power, ATEX Rated, AC Motorized Impellers, AC Blowers and Fan Accessories.  Most of their DC products have the following options Tachometer, Locked Rotor Alarm, PWM, Thermistor and conformal coating.  For those putting fans in harsh enviornments Mechatronics offers their encapsulated motor option on most of their fans from 60mm up to 254mm.  No matter what fan requirements you have, there is a good chance Mechatronics has the fan you're looking for.

Mechatronics Fan Group has been delivering thermal management solutions to a wide range of applications for over 25 years. Mechatronics is a thermal management leader supplying a broad range of standard and custom AC Fans, DC Fans, Blowers, impellers and accessories. Mechatronics provides the right solution on time with quality product to help customers meet their goals.

*Because of the wide array of fans offered by Mechatronics and the different options offered on each model, we only have the most popular models listed on our website.  However, if you can't find what you're looking for please use our online Chat, email our Fan Experts or call us at 800-392-6318!


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