12V DC Power Supply

12vdc power supplies are one of the most sought-after, important power supplies used today. From computer peripherals and networking applications to telecommunications and fiber optics, these have a role in every industry. The medical field, military, utility industries all need the best possible 12v power supplies to keep our world turning. And for the top power essentials in the industry, you can always trust Bravo Electro.

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Shop 12vdc Power Supplies From A Brand You Can Trust

When it comes to 12v power supplies, you need products you can trust. The importance of reliability can’t be stated enough. That’s why you should shop 12vdc power supplies from a brand you can trust: Bravo Electro. We’ve curated the top products from the industry’s best brands so you can shop in confidence knowing you’re getting the quality you need.

And, we’re dedicated to providing unbeatable customer support along the way. We have our own electrical engineers in-house to help you get exactly what you need. No matter what you’re using it for, or what industry you’re in, we’ll get you set up right the first time. Shop now or reach out for a product recommendation.

Why Buy 12v Power Supplies At Bravo Electro?

In this collection, you’ll see a wide variety of 12v power supplies that are sure to fit your needs. You have access to top brands like Mean Well at some of the lowest prices you’ll find. And if you aren’t seeing exactly what you need, just let us know. We can help you set up a custom build, and we’ll even provide free samples with qualified projects!

Industry Leading Supply Of 12vdc Power Supplies

Our 12vdc power supplies come equipped with a robust list of features. These are rated with all sorts of certifications, including UL, CUL, and even CE. They feature built-in protection from issues like a short circuit, over currents, overvoltage, and over-temperature. This keeps your operation and investment protected. And, some of these are engineered with intuitive capabilities including:

  • Remote on-off control
  • Remote sense function
  • Built-in heat sinks for extended operating temperatures
  • Variable outputs available
  • Input reverse polarity / Input under-voltage protection

Many of the power supplies you’ll see in this collection include a 3-year warranty. If you’re shopping for medical safety-approved power supplies, we’ve got an entire series for you. 

We’ve Got All Your Power & Electrical Needs Covered

These 12-volt power supplies are just one of the many options you have here at Bravo Electro. We’ve also got 24v and 48v power supplies. We mean it when we say we’re your one-stop shop for all things power and electrical supply! Here are some other popular collections worth taking a look at:

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  1. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 90 Watts 12VDC out
  2. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 120 Watts 12VDC out
  3. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 15 Watts 12VDC out
  4. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 24 Watts 12VDC out
  5. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 42 Watts 12VDC out
  6. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 54 Watts 12VDC out
  7. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 76 Watts 12VDC out
  8. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 40 Watts 12VDC out
  9. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 60 Watts 12VDC out
  10. AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail 120 Watts 12VDC out
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