Medical Power Supplies

At Bravo Electro we have one of the most complete medical power supply offerings in the industry. Most of our medical power supplies not only comply with IEC60601-1 3rd version but also posses 2x MOPP and MOOP levels, providing the highest level of isolation protection that are suitable to be applied to type BF (patient contact) devices. Many of our medical power supplies pass all the international safety regulations - UL / CUL / TUV / EAC / CB / CE / FCC and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing thus further assure the safety for usage that is suitable for household medical devices and various medical equipment used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Virtually every healthcare application can be powered by our power supplies; surgical equipment, dental devices, home care equipment, patient monitoring and ventilators.

Bravo Electro has the technical know how, experience and medical power supplies needed by our customers. We have engineers on staff that have been involved in hundreds of medical power supply designs. They can help you resolve the most challenging medical power supply requirements or offer advice on medical power supplies. We pride ourselves on the customer service that comes with all our medical power supplies.

Need an evaluation unit to test in your design? Or have medical power supply questions? Talk with our Medical Power team via our online chat, call us at 408-733-9090, or email our MEDICAL POWER EXPERTS directly.

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