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Based in Santa Clara, California, Bravo Electro Components is dedicated to bringing excellent customer service and high quality power supplies, fans and components. Bravo Electro partners only with the best manufacturers, allowing us to give our customers a high quality product for all their requirements. We stock all of our products in our two large warehouses in Santa Clara, CA and have the capability to ship out any order the same day (placed before 2pm PST). We staff on site engineers and our salespeople go through several technical training seminars a year to provide customers with the most complete service.


Being focused on just Power Supplies, Fans and Piezos allows us to become experts in those categories. Any sales person that picks up the phone will be able to answer most of your technical questions. Want to talk to an engineer? Not a problem we have engineers that can speak the same technical lingo as you. Our expertise is all part of our top rated customer service to provide you with a one stop shop for Power Supplies, Fans and Peizos.

Modified and Custom units:

If a standard unit from our offering does not meet your requirements, we offer modified standard, or full custom units. We've done and built it all for our customers. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll do the hard work for you.

Want to Save Time:

Don’t want to spend your time looking for a suitable power supply or fan. Let us help you! Send us your requirements and we'll give you options to pick from.

  • 1990 Russell Avenue, #1, Santa Clara, CA  95054
  • Phone: +1 (408) 733-9090
      Fax: +1 (408) 733-8555

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