New Product ~HLG-120H-C & HLG-185H-C Series (150/200W Constant Current High Output Voltage LED Power Supplies with PFC) 8/27/13 
After the launch of constant current high output voltage LED power supplies ~ HLG-60H/80H-C series (70W/90W), MEAN WELL further introduced the higher wattage LED drivers ~ HLG-120H-C (150W) and HLG...

New Product ~GSM40/60 Series (40W/60W AC-DC Green Medical Adaptor) 7/22/13 
In response to the high reliable power supply demands for medical market, MEAN WELL introduced the GSM40/60 series ~ 40W&60W AC-DC desktop type medical adaptor featuring with high efficiency an...

New Product ~ SDR-75 Series (75W High Efficiency Slim DIN Rail Power Supply) 7/8/13 
MEAN WELL introduced the new SDR-75 series (75W) to make the high efficiency slim DIN rail power product line more complete. Now, the diverse wattages of 75W, 120W, 240W, 480W and 960W are availabl...

New Product ~ RSP-150 Series (150W Low Profile Economical Enclosed Type Power Supply) 6/28/13 
MEAN WELL extended its RSP family by introducing the RSP-150 series, the new generation of 150W AC/DC low profile single output enclosed type switching power supply. Compared to the preceding model...                           


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