General Terms and Conditions applying to all orders:

  • Payment Terms: Net 30 days
  • F.O.B.: Origin
  • Lead Time: Bravo Electro Components stocks a variety of popular products and part numbers. Others are stocked or ordered depending on needs of our customers and history of a parts sale. For lead time concerning a specific part number, please contact our Account Managers.
  • Bill Backs: Pricing quoted is highly dependant on quantity ordered. Should a customer place a high quantity of a product on order, but later cancel a portion of quantity ordered, or extend duration of time to take delivery of products ordered via push outs, Bravo shall adjust the price of product shipped from inception of the contract to the higher quoted price at the respective quantity. The bill back invoice shall be due and payable immediately upon presentation.

Standard Product:

  • Push Outs: Standard Products require 30-day notice. New delivery date shall not exceed 6 months from scheduled date on original order. There can be a maximum of 3 re-schedules.
  • Cancellations: Standard Product requires 90-day notice to originally scheduled delivery date based on manufacturer's policy. Customer is responsible for inventory on-hand pertaining to the order and open orders with the manufacturer that is non-cancelable to Bravo Electro Components. This applies to all work in progress at the manufacturer that Bravo will be charged for as well.
  • Returns: Standard Product return policy will reflect the policy of the manufacturer. Product is non-returnable after 90 days. RMA is valid for 15 days only
  • Cancellation Charges: Charges will apply for product on hand due to customer cancellation of order.

Non-Standard Product:

  • Push Outs: Non-Reschedulable unless authorized in writing with two signatures
  • Cancellations: Non-Cancelable unless authorized in writing with two signatures.
  • Returns: Non-Standard products are not returnable

Line Card

  • TOKIN, a KEMET Company
  • Digital Power
  • Gardtec
  • Bulgin
  • Aras Power Technologies
  • Unipower
  • Advanced Power Solutions
  • P-Duke
  • Sunon
  • Delta
  • YS Tech
  • Mechatronics
  • ETA Power
  • Qualtek
  • Adda
  • GRE Alpha
  • PowerBrite
  • Marquardt
  • Autec
  • Integrated Power Designs
  • Skynet
  • Cincon
  • Magnitude
  • Arcolectric